Technical surveillance - systems and services

The successful investigation of information loss, business crime, commercial fraud, the protection of people and property provide challenges that require the highest professional standards of technical expertise and discretion.

Often, the nature of such investigation and protection activities demands that security operatives cannot operate in an open manner, necessitating covert operations. TS&T are specialists in technical investigation solutions to meet these challenges.

Our wide-ranging experience in this area, coupled with our expertise in technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) operations, gives us a unique insight into technical surveillance equipment and operational techniques used in combating crime, fraud and espionage activities.

Covert camera systems

It is lawful in the UK to use Covert Camera Systems for Law Enforcement and Crime Prevention; we at TS&T install covert camera systems.

Areas of operations cover private, commercial and corporate locations, as well as rural and urban environments. Our systems will prevent detect and disrupt drive and the systems gather primary evidence for production in any legal proceedings.

Telephone recording

We have a range of telephone recording devices and systems. We use both tape and digital recorders enabling recording of both landline and mobile telephone calls.

We also have systems to record Private Automatic Branch Exchanges (PABX), recording all data and information, including time, date and caller ID for both incoming and outgoing calls. Our GSM based devices enable global listening in of landline telephone monitoring devices, call a predetermined number, mobile or otherwise, to provide live conversation monitoring almost anywhere in the world.

Please bear in mind, that dependent upon the circumstances, the monitoring of telephone calls can be a breach of privacy. Lawful access to the telephone line in imperative and questions surrounding the circumstance of lawful recording should be considered.