Your privacy & information protected

We have been performing security audits and advising on personal privacy and information security and the majority of our clients, both private and commercial, give information away by not understanding the subject!

If you think that information security is for companies and high profile individuals, then think again!

As we have all witnessed, newspapers hacking into the mobile phones of ordinary people because of a tragic event in their lives made them a target.

What is information security?

Tap the phrase into your browser and you will be hit by a deluge of information based on IT (computer security), although computer security is high on the list of information loss avenues it over shadows the true story. Information security means different things to different people at different times. The five areas below will illustrate the differences;

  • Private individuals
  • Small to medium companies
  • VIP & high worth individuals
  • Governments & their agencies
  • Large companies to multinationals
We at TS&T understand the prime drivers for effective information security. Awareness is a main driver. However, many do not understand how information is lost through every day activities, such as, purchasing online, social media, mobile phones, etc. We use best practice a method/technique that consistently shown results superior to these achieved both other means and that is used as an industry benchmark. Information security is achieved by our clients fully understanding the information loss avenues within their living and/or working environment. Once fully mapped, suitable guides, controls and functions are implemented.