Security solutions to protect your personal information

We at Technical Services And Training provide focussed security solutions. Our technicians have experience in technical investigations and de-bugging and technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM).
Our ethos is to work in partnership with you to provide a complete and workable solution to your personal and business security needs.

De-bugging (TSCM) Service

We at Technical Services and Training, have been involved in TSCM for many years, acquiring invaluable experience in the bug sweeping industry. Our clients include private individuals - company representatives, and organisations across the UK.
Our equipment and procedures are optimised to deal with this ever changing industry. All our technicians deployed in TSCM de-bugging activities are skilled operators with a comprehensive knowledge of technical surveillance devices, techniques and operations.

De-bugging equipment

The De-Bugging equipment market is vast and to those who are not knowledgeable in bugging de-bugging technology can be sold completely inadequate devices to detect bugs.
We supply equipment for private, corporate and government use. However, we will always precede any sale with a consultation to ascertain you are purchasing a system that will give you the desired result.

Technical investigation service

Crime is an ever increasing burden to all levels of society, successful investigation of many crimes is carried out using technical methods.
Technical investigations, will give you hard evidence in all areas of information loss, business crime and commercial fraud for the protection of people and property.

Personal privacy & information security

Unfortunately, most of us do not realise that our personal privacy and the security of personal information is our responsibility.
Privacy and security of our personal information remains a concern for many. Government intervention has increased the responsibilities for companies to collect personal information without determining their liabilities for misuses of that data, including social media.

The dangers of social media

Few of us realise or care about the dangers social media brings to our lives.
Our online activities are changing rapidly from a closed, private use towards an open and sharing culture. While this brings us lots of benefits, we are still very naive about its dangers, such as:

  • Identity theft
  • Everything is traceable to you
  • You have no control over your user data
  • You do not know many of those you communicate with
  • Everything known about you can and will be used against you!